Our Story

We are two sisters who teamed up to share
our love of designing accessories that compliment your outfits.

Your support means everything to us!!

Meet The Founders

Being in fashion my whole life, it was my passion to build a business that was best in class not only for fashion but for customer service. I take so much pride in ensuring the best quality products for all my customers. They are my number one priority and I'm so thankful for each and every one.


Sandy Kacura

I taught high school math for 10 years, but I've always loved art! I bought my first Apple Watch two years ago, and my first thoughts were,"I need to change out my band with something unique and cute!" This sparked a desire to design watch accessories that were one-of-a-kind. My goal thereafter was to build a business with top notch quality and genuine care for customers. Thank you for helping my dreams come true!


Jenny Kacura

Our Favorite Bands

Sandy's Favorite Band: With pink being my favorite color and my love of the beach, the hot pink seashells is my favorite band of all time!

Jenny's Favorite Band: My two Yorkies are the loves of my life!